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iLux Lichtsysteme

iLux Lichtsystem für 6 dimmbare Kreise je 800W, Phasenanschnitt Dimmer, Gesamtleistung 2300 W, der integrierte Prozessor ermöglicht Standalone Einsatz mit Lichtszenenmanagement über eingebaute Tasten und/oder externen Bedienstellen über Cresnet, zweiter Cresnet Port für Verbindung mit übergeordneter Crestron Steuerung zur Visualisierung.  Leistungserweiterung mit CLS-EXP-Modulen möglich. Maße: 22,58 x 11,38 x 6,25 cm.
Werden mehr als 4 Motormodule oder Bedienstellen angeschlossen, ist eine zusätzliche Cresnet Spannung erforderlich. Desweitern können nur u.g. Module direkt an eine ILux angeschlossen werden. Falls andere Module angeschlossen werden sollen, muss eine weitere Steuerzentrale eingesetzt werden. Gehäuse: Wandeinbau. Folgende Farbcodes für alle u.g. ILux Systeme gültig:
B: schwarz
W: weiß
A: mandelfarben

CLSI-C6 iLux Lichtsystem
CLSI-C6M iLux Lichtsystem mit Bewegungsmelder
CLSI-C6RF iLux Lichtsystem mit Funkübertragung
CLSI-C6MRF iLux Lichtsystem mit Funk & Bewegungsmelder

The iLux® CLS-C6 is a complete, integrated lighting system designed for wall mount installation in boardrooms, auditoriums, home theaters, or anywhere versatile and cost-effective control of lighting and shades is required. The Crestron® reputation for innovation and reliability—combined with high-quality integrated dimming, native shade control, configurable rocker buttons, extensive integration ability, and many other advanced features—makes iLux the ideal choice for all types of room lighting and shade control applications.

Six-Channel Dimming
The CLS-C6 features six channels of dimming for LED[1], incandescent, magnetic low-voltage, neon/cold cathode, and 2-wire dimmable fluorescent loads. On/off switching of many non-dimmable lighting loads is also possible. Each channel will handle up to 800 watts individually, with a total rating of 1920 watts for the complete unit. Larger loads and additional load types can also be supported using Crestron CLS-EXP Series expansion modules (sold separately).

Six-Group Shade Control
Using Crestron's networked Shade and Drape Controllers, the CLS-C6 enables versatile control of a roomful of motorized window treatments, screens and lifts in up to six shade groups. It also supports Crestron Shades that use Cresnet® communications[2].

Versatile Front Panel Controls
The deceptively clean front panel actually affords an extensive amount of control and customization to suit each unique room application. Large ON and OFF buttons provide instant access to the "On" and "All Off" scenes, while the six main buttons can be set up to recall additional scene presets, adjust shades, or perform a host of other functions. The buttons' rocker action enables intuitive, tactile control for adjusting lighting levels and shade positions. An additional "Up/Down" button is configurable for a variety of functions, including use as a master lighting or shade control, or as a "shift" button to expand the capabilities of the six main buttons.

With each new scene selection, window shades reposition and lights fade elegantly to their new settings. The selected scene is indicated by a white LED beside each button, and the customizable label strip allows each button to be clearly labeled using Crestron Engraver software or standard 3/8" tape labels. Dimming levels and shade positions are displayed graphically on six green LED bargraphs accessible behind the flip-up front cover. Additional controls and a numeric display hidden beneath the cover enable setup without requiring a PC. Enhanced customization is provided via the PC programming port using iLux Designer software.

Multipoint Keypad Control
Up to 16 Crestron keypads may be connected to a single CLS-C6, providing versatile multipoint control for rooms with multiple entrances or work areas.

Multi-Unit Expansion
One CLS-C6 master will support up to 8 additional CLS-C6 or CLS-C6M units, enabling systems of up to 54 lighting zones and 54 shade groups. Commands for typical functions like scene recall, scene off, master dimming, and occupancy status are shared between the CLS-C6(M) units. Each individual unit can still support a complete assortment of local devices including keypads and shade controllers.

Control System Integration
The CLS-C6 features two separate Cresnet control networks, one for local devices and one for connection to a control system. Connecting the CLS-C6 to a control system allows its functions to be controlled from touch screens, RF wireless remotes, and even computers. The control system interface also enables extensive flexibility for integration with other systems such as security, HVAC and energy management, plus remote management via SNMP and Crestron Fusion® Enterprise Management Platform applications.

For a solution using Crestron's infiNETTM wireless technology instead of Cresnet, see the CLS-C6RF.

Key Features


  • Wall mount integrated lighting and shade control
  • Six channels of dimming or switching
  • Six groups of shade and drape control
  • Supports Cresnet® Occupancy Sensors and Shades[2]
  • Linkable for up to 54 lighting channels and 54 shade groups
  • Up to 16 user-settable scenes
  • Seven configurable rocker buttons with customizable label strip
  • Large ON and OFF buttons
  • Flip-up front cover reveals setup controls and programming port
  • Six bargraphs show lighting levels and shade positions
  • Easy setup from front panel or iLux® Designer software
  • Supports multipoint control using up to 16 keypads
  • Optional IR remote
  • Master air-gap relay
  • Integrates with control systems via Cresnet
  • Energy saving ASHRAE 90.1/LEED compliant
  • Available in almond, black, or white
  • Expanded load type support via CLS-EXP Series modules


  1. For a list of compatible ballasts, visit www.crestron.com/lightingcompatibility (PDF)
  2. See Available Accessories list for this product for shade motors and interfaces supported.
  3. Captive screw terminals accept up to two 22 to 12 AWG (0.34 to 4.0 mm2) wires per terminal.

This product may be purchased from an authorized Crestron dealer. To find a dealer, please contact the Crestron sales representative for your area. A list of sales representatives is available online at www.crestron.com/salesreps or by calling 800-237-2041.

The specific patents that cover Crestron products are listed online at: patents.crestron.com.

Crestron, the Crestron logo, Cameo, Cresnet, Crestron Fusion, infiNET, and iLux are either trademarks or registered trademarks of Crestron Electronics, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries. Somfy is either a trademark or registered trademark of Somfy Systems Inc. in the United States and/or other countries. Other trademarks, registered trademarks, and trade names may be used in this document to refer to either the entities claiming the marks and names or their products. Crestron disclaims any proprietary interest in the marks and names of others. Crestron is not responsible for errors in typography or photography. Specifications are subject to change without notice. ©2014 Crestron Electronics, Inc.


2005 RESI Awards Best Wall Mount Keypad Controller

iLux CLS-C6

Residential Systems recognized the iLux CLS-C6 as the best wall mount keypad controller for 2005. The Resi Awards honored the most innovative product designs in the custom installation industry. An esteemed panel of custom installers and industrial designers judged products based on aesthetic appeal, problem-solving capabilities and ergonomic design. Crestron won two awards in the 13 categories; we are the only company ever to have received two Resi awards in the same year.


Load Ratings
  Dimmer Channels 6
  Maximum Per Channel 800 Watts/VA (6.6 Amps @ 120 Volts AC)
  Minimum Per Channel 15 Watts/VA (0.125 Amps @ 120 Volts AC)
  Module Total 1920 Watts/VA (16 Amps @ 120 Volts AC)
  Load Types LED[1], Incandescent, Magnetic Low-voltage, Neon/Cold Cathode, 2-Wire Dimmable Fluorescent, & Non-Dim Lighting (also: Electronic Low-voltage, 3- and 4-Wire Fluorescent, High-Inrush Switching, & 277V via CLS-EXP Series expansion modules - sold separately)
Power Requirements
  100 to 127 Volts AC, 50/60Hz Line Power
  LOCAL DEVICES (1) 4-pin 5mm detachable terminal block;
Cresnet® Master port for local devices including: Additional CNPWS-75 or other Cresnet power supply required beyond 4 devices; C2N-SDC-DC always requires an additional power supply
  CONTROL SYSTEM (1) 4-pin 5mm detachable terminal block;
Cresnet Slave port for connection to a control system
  HOT (1) Captive screw terminal[3], line power input
  LOAD1 – LOAD6 (6) Captive screw terminals[3], dimmer channel outputs 1 – 6
  NEUTRAL (1) Captive screw terminal[3]
  GROUND (1) Captive screw terminal[3]
  PC (front) (1) 3.5mm TRS mini-phone jack, RS-232 Programming port
  Buttons 1 – 6 (6) 3-position rocker pushbuttons; configurable to recall (or toggle recall/off) individual scenes, control shades, or for master lighting or shade control; “scene mastering” option enables manual dimming utilizing rocker button action; also used to adjust lighting levels when in “Lighting” mode and shade positions when in “Shades” mode; additional functionality configurable via software
  Up/Down Button (1) 3-position rocker pushbutton; configurable for master lighting or shade control, or as a “shift” for Buttons 1-6; additional functionality configurable via software
  ON (1) pushbutton, recalls “On” scene
  OFF (1) pushbutton, turns all lights off
  LIGHTS, SHADES (2) Pushbuttons, select “Lights” or “Shades” modes
  SAVE, CANCEL, ∧, ∨ (4) Pushbuttons, navigate and execute setup functions
  Reset Recessed miniature pushbutton for hardware reset
  Dimming Ramp Rate 5 seconds (default), software adjustable 1 to 10 seconds
  Scene Fade Time 2 seconds (default), software adjustable 0 seconds to 99 minutes
LED Indicators
  Scenes (6-white) Correspond with each “Scene” Button
  High/Low (2-white) Indicate “Shift” status
  ON (1-white) Indicates “On” Scene is selected
  LIGHTS, SHADES (2-green) Indicates “Lights” or “Shades” mode is active
  SAVE, CANCEL (2-green) Correspond with “Save” and “Cancel” Buttons
  MIN, SEC (2-green) Indicates display of “Minutes” or “Seconds”
  1 – 6 (6-green) 7-Segment bargraphs, indicate lighting levels and shade positions
  Numeric Display (2-green) 8-Segment digits, indicates modes and setup values
IR Receiver
  Reception Frequency 36 kHz
  Requires CLS-IRHT8 IR remote, sold separately
  Temperature 32° to 104°F (0° to 40°C)
  Humidity 10% to 90% RH (non-condensing)
  Mounts in a 4-gang electrical box, 3-1/2" deep minimum
  Height 4.48 in (114 mm)
  Width 8.89 in (226 mm)
  Depth 2.46 in (63 mm)
  1.43 lb (649 g)

C2N-UNI8IO Lighting Control
Models Included: C2N-SDC, C2N-UNI8IO, CHV-THSTAT, CLS-C6, GLS-ODT-C-500, PAC2M, TPS-4L

C2N-UNI8IO with a typical lighting automation control system.

Application Diagram (PDF - 1.31 M)
Rev. Date: 1/7/2011

Application Diagram

Crestron Green Light®: iLux - Multiple Application
Models Included: CLS-C6

Crestron Green Light®: iLux - Multiple Application

Application Diagram (PDF - 401 K)
Rev. Date: 4/15/2009

Application Diagram

Crestron Green Light®: iLux - Single Unit Application
Models Included: CLS-C6

Crestron Green Light®: iLux - Single Unit Application

Application Diagram (PDF - 286 K)
Rev. Date: 4/15/2009

Application Diagram

Crestron Green Light®: iLux Integration Configuration
Models Included: C2N-SDC, C2N-SSC-2, CLS-C6, CLS-C6M, CLS-IRHT8, CNX-B6

Crestron Green Light®: iLux Integration Configuration

Application Diagram (PDF - 3.44 M)
Rev. Date: 4/15/2009

Application Diagram

Typical iLux Lighting Control Application
Models Included: CLS-C6

Shows typical connections to and from a CLS-C6.

Application Diagram (PDF - 242 K)
Rev. Date: 8/2/2007

Application Diagram

MPC Expanded System
Models Included: CLS-C6, MPC-M25

The standard onboard Cresnet port enables seamless system expansion. Install an MPC in the podium at the front of the room and easily add a keypad on the wall or iLux™ for lighting and shade control.

Application Diagram (PDF - 8.63 M)
Rev. Date: 4/14/2010

Application Diagram


Spec Sheet

Spec Sheet (PDF - 774 K)
Rev. Date: 7/8/2014


Manual (PDF - 1.23 M)
Doc. No. 6347G
Rev. Date: 9/30/2013

User Guide

User Guide (PDF - 439 K)
Doc. No. 6395C
Rev. Date: 5/25/2011

Installation and Wiring Guide

Installation And Wiring Guide (PDF - 992 K)
Doc. No. 6394F
Rev. Date: 4/11/2013

Interactive Submittal for Release

Interactive Submittal For Release (PDF - 10.9 M)
Rev. Date: 7/11/2014
Note: This interactive Crestron CLC submittal can be used for Engineer approval and Distributor release of Crestron CLC stand-alone systems. All Crestron CLC stand-alone systems can be networked for full enterprise functionality.

Interactive Riser

Interactive Riser (PDF - 908 K)
Rev. Date: 7/11/2014
Note: This interactive Crestron CLC riser can be used and imported into Engineer/Contractor Contract Documents. All Crestron CLC stand-alone systems can be networked for full enterprise functionality.

Engineering Specs

Engineering Specs (PDF - 220 K)
Engineering Specs (.DOC - 81 K)
Rev. Date: 6/4/2010
Note: Lighting Specification: Section 26 09 36.01 Modular Dimming Controls. For Crestron iLux.

CADs, Drawings and Revit Files

Zoomable Drawing

Zoomable Drawing

Cad Files

Cad Files (ZIP - 5.7 M)
Rev. Date: 7/17/2007

Cad Files

Cad Files (ZIP - 856 K)
Note: This CAD Crestron CLC riser can be used and imported into Engineer/Contractor Contract Documents. All Crestron CLC stand-alone systems can be networked for full enterprise functionality.
Rev. Date: 7/11/2014

Revit Files

Revit (ZIP - 439 K)
Rev. Date: 8/26/2011

Available Models

Model Description      


iLux® Integrated Lighting System, Almond



iLux® Integrated Lighting System, Black



iLux® Integrated Lighting System, White



Available Accessories

Model Description      


Cameo® Express Keypad, Standard Mount, Almond Smooth



Cameo® Express Keypad, Standard Mount, Black Smooth



Cameo® Express Keypad, Standard Mount, White Smooth



Cameo® Keypad, Standard Mount, Almond Smooth



Cameo® Keypad, Standard Mount, Almond Textured



Cameo® Keypad, Standard Mount, Black Smooth



Cameo® Keypad, Standard Mount, Black Textured



Cameo® Keypad, Standard Mount, Brown Smooth



Cameo® Keypad, Standard Mount, Dark Almond Smooth



Cameo® Keypad, Standard Mount, Dusk Textured



Cameo® Keypad, Standard Mount, Gray Smooth



Cameo® Keypad, Standard Mount, Ivory Smooth



Cameo® Keypad, Standard Mount, Latte Textured



Cameo® Keypad, Standard Mount, White Smooth



Cameo® Keypad, Standard Mount, White Textured



Cameo® Keypad, Flush Mount, Almond Textured



Cameo® Keypad, Flush Mount, Black Textured



Cameo® Keypad, Flush Mount, Dusk Textured



Cameo® Keypad, Flush Mount, Latte Textured



Cameo® Keypad, Flush Mount, White Textured



iLux® Dimmer Expansion Module



iLux® 3-Wire Fluorescent Dimmer Expansion Module



iLux® 0-10V Fluorescent Dimmer Expansion Module



iLux® Universal Dimmer Expansion Module



Decorator Keypad, 6-Buttons, White Smooth



Decorator Keypad, 6-Buttons, Almond Smooth



Decorator Keypad, 6-Buttons, Black Smooth



Decorator Keypad, 8-Buttons, White Smooth



Decorator Keypad, 8-Buttons, Almond Smooth



Decorator Keypad, 8-Buttons, Black Smooth



Decorator Keypad, 12-Buttons, White Smooth



Decorator Keypad, 12-Buttons, Almond Smooth



Decorator Keypad, 12-Buttons, Black Smooth



Cresnet® Interface to Somfy® ST50 ILT2 Motor



Cresnet® Interface to Crestron® CSM-QMT30 Shades



Shade and Drape Controller, 120V AC



Shade and Drape Controller, 24V DC



Somfy® Shade Controller



iLux IR Handheld Remote



Cresnet Power Supply, 75 Watts



Designer Keypad, 2-Buttons, White Textured



Designer Keypad, 2-Buttons, Almond Textured



Designer Keypad, 2-Buttons, Latte Textured



Designer Keypad, 2-Buttons, Dusk Textured



Designer Keypad, 4-Buttons, White Textured



Designer Keypad, 4-Buttons, Almond Textured



Designer Keypad, 4-Buttons, Latte Textured



Designer Keypad, 4-Buttons, Dusk Textured



Designer Keypad, 6-Buttons, White Textured



Designer Keypad, 6-Buttons, Almond Textured



Designer Keypad, 6-Buttons, Latte Textured



Designer Keypad, 6-Buttons, Dusk Textured



Designer Keypad, 8-Buttons, White Textured



Designer Keypad, 8-Buttons, Almond Textured



Designer Keypad, 8-Buttons, Latte Textured



Designer Keypad, 8-Buttons, Dusk Textured



Designer Keypad, 12-Buttons, White Textured



Designer Keypad, 12-Buttons, Almond Textured



Designer Keypad, 12-Buttons, Latte Textured



Designer Keypad, 12-Buttons, Dusk Textured



Cresnet® "High-Power" Control Cable, non-plenum, teal, 1000 ft spool



Cresnet® "High-Power" Control Cable, non-plenum, teal, 500 ft spool



Cresnet® Control Cable, non-plenum, black, 500 ft box



Cresnet® Control Cable, non-plenum, orange, 500 ft box



Cresnet® Control Cable, non-plenum, teal, 250 ft box



Cresnet® Control Cable, non-plenum, teal, 500 ft box



Cresnet® Control Cable, non-plenum, teal, 1000 ft spool



Cresnet® Control Cable, non-plenum, teal, 500 ft spool



Cresnet® Control Cable, non-plenum, yellow, 500 ft box



Cresnet® Control Cable, plenum, black, 500 ft spool



Cresnet® Control Cable, plenum, orange, 500 ft spool



Cresnet® Control Cable, plenum, teal, 1000 ft spool



Cresnet® Control Cable, plenum, teal, 500 ft spool



Cresnet® Control Cable, plenum, yellow, 500 ft spool



Dual-Technology Occupancy Sensor with Cresnet®, 2000 Sq. Ft.



Passive Infrared Occupancy Sensor with Cresnet®


Invitation to Tender

CLSI-C6A (TXT - 1.26 KB)
Letzte Änderung 11.11.2012

Invitation to Tender

CLSI-C6B (TXT - 1.26 KB)
Letzte Änderung 11.11.2012

Invitation to Tender

CLSI-C6W (TXT - 1.26 KB)
Letzte Änderung 11.11.2012