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2,8" Fernbedienung mit Touchdisplay – infiNET EX®

2-Wege infiNET EX® Fernbedienung mit Touchdisplay, mit Dockingstation und kontrastreichem 2,8“ (7,2 cm) Aktivmatrix Farbtouchscreen-Display, Auflösung 240 x 320 mit bis zu 20 Meter Reichweite. Lautsprecher für Audioansagen und Störmeldungen über frei ladbare WAV-Dateien. Unterstützt ausschließlich klassische Oberflächen.

The MTX-3 Handheld Wireless Touch Screen from Crestron® delivers an exceptional remote control for home theater, home automation, and AV presentation, marrying style and ergonomics with rock-solid wireless performance and extensive customizability. Its sleek form factor is easy to hold, with large tactile pushbuttons, electroluminescent backlighting, and a fully customizable color touch screen for a wireless control solution that's both intuitive and fun to use.

Featuring 2-way wireless communications, the MTX-3 offers seamless interaction with AV and environmental systems, providing true feedback of all your settings, and displaying metadata information for all your digital media. Whether watching TV, choosing a movie or music title, adjusting room temperature and lighting, or checking the security system, the MTX-3 affords a user experience only Crestron can deliver.

infiNET EX® Wireless Technology
Our groundbreaking infiNET EX wireless technology provides ultra-reliable 2-way communications throughout a residence or commercial structure utilizing a 2.4 GHz mesh network. A complete infiNET EX network uses the lighting dimmers and other devices throughout the structure as wireless relay stations, each receiving and passing on wireless commands to the central gateway. Every device that is added to the network effectively increases the range, strength, and reliability of the entire network by providing multiple redundant signal paths, ensuring that every button press is executed instantly and consistently.

Of course, the MTX-3 can also communicate directly with the gateway if no other infiNET EX devices are installed. Up to six MTX-3s can be assigned to a single gateway. Wireless range for each MTX-3 is 75 feet (23 meters) typical indoors, which can easily be extended using infiNET EX Expanders.[1]

To ensure the most transparent user experience possible, the MTX-3 has been engineered to wake instantly at the press of a button or touch of the touch screen. Button presses are sent immediately, just like an IR remote but with none of IR's limitations. So spontaneous actions like muting the audio, pausing the video, or changing the channel can be executed on-the-fly with just a single button press.

Extended Battery Life
Instant-Waking also allows the MTX-3 to be put to sleep within seconds of putting it down, helping to extend its battery life for several days of typical usage on a single charge. Even under continuous use at full brightness, the MTX-3 lasts an incredible 5 hours! Its fast-charging, field-replaceable Lithium Polymer battery pack delivers optimum power in a very small, lightweight package.

Tactile Pushbuttons with Backlit Text
A complement of tactile pushbuttons makes for a very intuitive user interface, providing easy access to everything needed for watching TV and movies, listening to music, and controlling the entire room. Large, widely-spaced buttons accommodate hands and fingers of all sizes, minimizing the chance of an unintended button press. Electroluminescent backlit button text affords excellent legibility for use in a darkened room.

The pushbuttons are comprised of 17 buttons designated for the most common functions, plus a 5-way navigation pad, 3 context-assignable "hard keys" beneath the touch screen, a thumb-operated "More" button for advancing through the available touch screen pages, and a system power button. Every button on the MTX-3 is fully programmable to allow precisely the control desired, whether simply adjusting audio volume and flipping through channels, controlling a DVR or DVD player, navigating onscreen setup menus, or operating a pan/tilt camera.

Handheld Touch Screen Control
Custom touch screen versatility is afforded through a brilliant 2.8" active-matrix touch screen displaying stunning 16-bit color. Onboard graphics and dynamic text capability enable the display of all kinds of useful data and alluring eye candy—from channel preset icons—to room temperature and lighting levels—to digital media playlists complete with metadata. Full-motion animations, multimode objects, PNG translucency, and transition effects enhance the palette for creating GUIs that are both eye-catching and easy to use.

Audio Feedback
Customized WAV files can be loaded on the MTX-3 to add another dimension to its touch screen graphics using personalized sounds, button feedback, and voice prompts.

TableTop Docking Station
Placed on its stylish docking station[2], the MTX-3 sits at-the-ready, able to be used as a stationary tabletop controller while charging.

Key Features


  • Sleek and ergonomic handheld design
  • Elegant gloss black finish
  • Instant-Waking® behavior
  • Works like an IR remote — with all the benefits of 2-way RF!
  • Ultra-reliable infiNET EX® wireless communications
  • 75 feet RF range (typical)
  • Easy range extension using infiNET EX expanders
  • Built-in speaker for customizable WAV file audio feedback
  • Widely-spaced tactile pushbuttons
  • White EL backlit button text
  • 2.8" active matrix color touch screen display
  • High display brightness and contrast
  • Wide 150 degrees viewing angle
  • Customizable 16-bit color graphics
  • 240 x 320 resolution
  • Dynamic text capability
  • Long-lasting LiPo rechargeable battery pack
  • Low-profile tabletop docking station included


  1. Requires CEN-RFGW-EX or MC3 infiNET EX gateway, which supports up to 100 infiNET EX network devices inclusive of up to 6 MTX-3 remotes. Additionally, up to 5 CLW-EXPEX infiNET EX Expanders may be added to the network for extended range. All gateways and expanders are sold separately.
  2. Item included. See separate product specifications for additional details.
  3. Any infiNET EX mesh network device that provides expander functionality will effectively extend the range of the wireless network beyond the initial range of the gateway. Battery-powered infiNET EX devices do not provide expander functionality. A dedicated infiNET EX Wireless Expander, model CLW-EXPEX is also available.

This product may be purchased from an authorized Crestron dealer. To find a dealer, please contact the Crestron sales representative for your area. A list of sales representatives is available online at www.crestron.com/salesreps or by calling 800-237-2041.

Specifications subject to change without notice. Crestron is not responsible for errors in typography or photography.

The specific patents that cover Crestron products are listed online at: patents.crestron.com.

Crestron, infiNET EX, Instant-Waking, Isys, and the Crestron logo are either trademarks or registered trademarks of Crestron Electronics, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries. Other trademarks and trade names may be used in this document to refer to either the entities claiming the marks and names or their products. Crestron disclaims any proprietary interest in the marks and names of others. ©2012 Crestron Electronics, Inc.

Touch Screen Display
  Display Type TFT active matrix color LCD
  Size 2.8 inch (72 mm) diagonal
  Aspect Ratio 3:4 QVGA (portrait orientation)
  Resolution 240 x 320 pixels
  Brightness 350 nits (cd/m²) typical
  Contrast 500:1 typical
  Color Depth 16-bit, 64k colors
  Viewing Angle ±75° horizontal, +75/-55° vertical
  Illumination LED Backlit
  Touch Screen Resistive membrane
Buttons & Indicators
  Power (top) (1) programmable pushbutton, performs hardware reset if held for >10 seconds
  Hard Keys (3) programmable pushbuttons below touch screen
  Functions (15) programmable pushbuttons with white EL backlit labeling for GUIDE, HOME, LIST, MUTE, INFO, LAST, MENU, KEYPAD, EXIT, and icons for Rewind, Play, Forward, Stop, Pause, Record
  Volume (1) programmable rocker button with white EL backlit Volume ‘Raise’ and ‘Lower’ icons
  Navigation Pad (5) programmable pushbuttons comprising a 5-way thumbpad (4-way navigation plus “enter”)
  Up/Down (1) programmable rocker button with white EL backlit ‘Up’ and ‘Down’ arrows
  More (right side) (1) programmable thumb-operated side button
  Charge (1) Green LED, indicates charging status when docked
  SDRAM 128 MB
  Flash 256 MB
  Maximum Project Size 20 MB
Graphics Engine
  16-bit non-palette graphics; 65,536 colors; multi-mode objects; dynamic text; PNG translucency; full-motion (60 fps) animation; subpage transition effects
Wireless Communication
  RF Transceiver infiNET EX® 2-way RF, 2.4 GHz ISM Channels 11-26 (2400 to 2483.5 MHz), IEEE 802.15.4 compliant
  Range (typical) 75 feet (23 meters) to the gateway or nearest mesh network device[3], subject to site-specific conditions
  Gateway Requires a CEN-RFGW-EX or MC3 infiNET EX Gateway[1]
  Features Built-in speaker
  Audio Feedback WAV format, 8 & 16 bit PCM, mono & stereo, 8 – 44.1 kHz sampling rates
  USB (bottom) (1) Mini Type AB female behind battery cover;
USB computer console port, for installer use only
  Battery Type Lithium Polymer, 3.7 Volt, 1000 mAh, model TPMC-3X-BTP included
  Usage per Charge 5 hours continuous at full brightness
  Charging Time 2 hours
  Cycle Life >300 cycles (80% capacity)
Power Requirements
  Power Pack 1.2 Amps @ 5 Volts DC;
100-240 Volts AC, 50/60 Hz power pack, model PW-0510WU included
  Note: Power connection made via the MTX-3-DS docking station/charger[2]
  Temperature 32° to 104°F (0° to 40°C)
  Humidity 10% to 90% RH (non-condensing)
  Heat Dissipation 20 BTU/Hr
  Construction Injection-molded plastic, integral docking station port
  Height 1.04 in (27 mm);
2.22 in (57 mm) docked
  Width 2.55 in (65 mm);
2.99 in (76 mm) docked
  Depth 7.94 in (202 mm);
7.84 in (199 mm) docked
  6.6 oz (185 g) including battery

MTX-3 Application Concept Diagram
Models Included: MTX-3

MTX-3 Application Concept Diagram

Application Diagram (PDF - 2.19 M)
Rev. Date: 5/20/2013

Application Diagram

MTX-3 Wireless Connectivity

Basic wireless connectivity for MTX-3 in a wireless system.

Application Diagram (PDF - 1.75 M)
Rev. Date: 7/15/2010

Application Diagram


Spec Sheet

Spec Sheet (PDF - 1.7 M)
Rev. Date: 6/7/2012


Manual (PDF - 1.56 M)
Doc. No. 7713A
Rev. Date: 11/20/2014

CADs, Drawings and Revit Files

Zoomable Drawing

Zoomable Drawing

Zoomable Drawing

Zoomable Drawing
Note: MTX-3 docked with MTX-3-DS

Cad Files

Cad Files (ZIP - 2.4 M)
Rev. Date: 7/16/2010

Cad Files

Cad Files (ZIP - 1.5 M)
Note: MTX-3 docked with MTX-3-DS
Rev. Date: 7/16/2010

Available Models

Model Description      


Isys® 2.8” Handheld Wireless Touch Screen w/infiNET EX®



Included Accessories

Model Description      


TableTop Docking Station for MTX-3 & TPMC-3X-LP
Included Quantity: 1



Wall Mount Power Pack 5VDC, 1.2A, Universal
Included Quantity: 1



Battery Pack for TPMC-3X, TPMC-3X-LP, & MTX-3
Included Quantity: 1



Available Accessories

Model Description      


infiNET EX® Wireless Gateway



infiNET EX® Wireless Gateway w/PoE Injector



3-Series Control system™ w/infiNET EX® Wireless Gateway



infiNET EX® Wireless Expander, Ground Pin Down, White Textured


Invitation to Tender

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