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Funk-Tastenmodul infiNET EX®

Funk-Tastenmodul in formschönen Tischgehäuse, 10 gravierbare und programmierbare Tasten mit LED Statusanzeige, Kommunikation über infiNET® EX mit Crestron Systemen. Maße: 12 x 9 x 4 cm.
HTT-B10EX-B-T: schwarz
HTT-B10EX-W-T: weiß

Note: The availability of this future product can be found on the Models & Accessories tab.

Perfect for bedside tables or anywhere a simple, wireless controller is needed, the HTT-B10EX provides an elegant little keypad for lighting, climate, and audio control.

Key Features


  • 10 engravable backlit buttons
  • White LED feedback indicators
  • True-feedback and dual-bargraph capability
  • infiNET EX® wireless communications
  • Powered by batteries or external power pack
  • Wakes instantly when touched or picked up
  • Auto-dimmable backlight and LED intensity
  • Available in black or white


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Spec Sheet

Spec Sheet (PDF)

Installation and Operations Guide

Installation And Operations Guide (PDF - 210 K)
Doc. No. 6995B
Rev. Date: 2/19/2015

Available Models

Model Description      


Wireless Tabletop Keypad w/infiNET EX®, black textured
Available June 1, 2015 (add up to 30 days for International orders)



Wireless Tabletop Keypad w/infiNET EX®, white textured
Available June 1, 2015 (add up to 30 days for International orders)


Note: Availability displayed above refers to the date a future product will become available. It does not refer to a product being in-stock or out-of-stock.

Invitation to Tender

HTT-B10EX-B-T (TXT - 764 B)
Letzte Änderung 16.04.2015

Invitation to Tender

HTT-B10EX-W-T (TXT - 762 B)
Letzte Änderung 16.04.2015