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Funk-Fernbedienung, wasserdicht

Funk-Fernbedienung mit 9 frei programmierbaren Doppeltasten, 48 Tastenfunktionen programmierbar, wasserdicht. Farbe blau.

The WPR-48 is the industry's first waterproof RF wireless remote. Perfect for controlling music, television, lighting and more, the Crestron® "remote on a rope" is safe to use in the shower or hot tub. The ruggedized, immersible case is easy to grip and won't slip from moist hands.

Configurable for 9, 18, 27, or 48 functions, the WPR-48 features a total of nine multi-function pushbuttons that can be toggled left or right, or pressed in the center for up to 3 functions per button. Large customizable labels with electroluminescent backlighting facilitate use under any lighting condition.

The WPR-48 can communicate via RF or IR[1] with any Crestron control system! Compatible with CNRFGWA, CNRFGWA-418, and MC2W 1-way RF gateways; the CNXRMIRD IR receiver; the C2N-IRGW-1G and C2N-IRGW-F IR gateways; and the CN-TVAV control module, the WPR-48 fits easily into any control system design. Long-life lithium ion rechargeable batteries afford several weeks of wireless use on a single charge, and are easily recharged when the remote is placed in the docking station (included).

Key Features


  • Waterproof handheld remote
  • Configurable for 9, 18, 27, or 48 function
  • Multi-function buttons allow single-press, 2-position or 3-position rocker action
  • Customizable labeling
  • Electroluminescent backlighting
  • 1-way RF or IR wireless communication[1]
  • Long-life lithium rechargeable batteries
  • Includes docking station/charger and lanyard


  1. When IR wireless is enabled, the RF transmitter is disabled.

This product may be purchased from an authorized Crestron dealer. To find a dealer, please contact the Crestron sales representative for your area. A list of sales representatives is available online at www.crestron.com/salesreps or by calling 800-237-2041.

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Crestron's one-of-a-kind Waterproof Remote Chosen for 2004 RESI Award

WPR-48 Honored for Industrial Design and Engineering

The one-of-a-kind WPR-48 Waterproof Remote was awarded "Best Remote Control" at the first annual Resi Awards at CEDIA. With a ruggedized, waterproof case that's easy to grip and won't slip from moist hands, the WPR-48 is ideal for controlling systems like pools, Jacuzzis and even to adjust the music while in the shower. An esteemed panel of custom installers and industrial designers judged this year's entries on their aesthetic appeal, problem-solving innovation and ergonomic design. This awards program was established to honor the most innovative product designs in the custom installation industry.


  Function (9) 3-position programmable function buttons
  Shift The bottom function button may be used as a left/right shift button, selecting between 2 “pages” of commands
  Configurations 9 functions (9x single press);
18 functions (9x left/right);
27 functions (9x left/center/right);
48 functions (2 pages of 8x left/ center/right)
  (2) Electroluminescent backlit label strips
RF Wireless
  RF Transmitter 433.92 (433) or 418 MHz 1-way RF
  Bandwidth ±100KHz
  Range Up to 300 feet typical, subject to site-specific conditions
  Gateway Requires a CNRFGWA, CNRFGWA-418, or MC2W RF Gateway (each sold separately)
IR Wireless
  IR Transmitter 38 or 455 kHz IR[1]
  Formats RC5 (38 kHz), Crestron (455 kHz)
  Range Up to 15 feet (typical)
  Gateway Requires a C2N-IRGW-1G or C2N-IRGW-F IR Gateway, CNXRMIRD IR Receiver, or CN-TVAV Control Module (each sold separately)
  T (1) red LED, indicates WPR-48 is transmitting
  B (1) red LED, indicates battery is charging
  ▲, ▼ (2) red LEDs, indicate "page" selection in 48-function mode
  Type Li-Ion, 3.6 Volts DC, 750mah
  Usage per Charge Up to 5 hours (backlight on continuous), up to 4 weeks (typical home use)
  Charging Time 1.5 hours (maximum)
Power Requirements
  Power Pack 0.5 Amp @ 12 Volts DC;
120 Volts AC, 60 Hz power pack, model PW-1205, included;
Power connection made via the WPR-DS docking station/charger (included)
  High impact rubberized blue plastic, watertight (at a depth of 10 feet for 10 minutes), includes optional lanyard and “foot” for angled tabletop operation
  Temperature 32° to 140° F (0° to 60° C)
  Humidity 0% to 100% RH (non condensing)
  Height 5.26 in (134 mm)
  Width 2.79 in (71 mm)
  Depth 1.16 in (30 mm) with lanyard foot installed;
0.82 in (21 mm) with blank foot
  4.8 oz (140 g)
  All the features and specifications of the WPR-48 except:
  Power Requirements
  Power Pack 0.5 Amp @ 12 Volts DC;
230 Volts AC, 50 Hz power pack, model PWI-1215, included;
Power connection made via the WPRI-DS docking station/charger (included)


Spec Sheet

Spec Sheet (PDF)


Manual (PDF - 3.4 M)
Doc. No. 6254A
Rev. Date: 10/1/2004

CADs, Drawings and Revit Files

Cad Files

Cad Files (ZIP - 4.9 M)
Rev. Date: 11/3/2004

Available Models

Model Description      


Waterproof Handheld Remote





Waterproof Handheld Remote - International Version, 230V





Included Accessories

Model Description      


Docking Station/Charger
Included Quantity for WPR-48: 1





Docking Station/Charger - International Version, 230V
Included Quantity for WPRI-48: 1





Power Pack, Wall, 12VDC, 0.5A, 120VAC
Included Quantity for WPR-48: 1





Power Pack, Desktop, 12VDC, 1.5A, 230VAC
Included Quantity for WPRI-48: 1





Available Accessories

Model Description      


433MHz 1-Way RF Gateway





418MHz 1-Way RF Gateway





Compact Control System with Built-in RF Gateway





Wall Mount IR Gateway





Flush Mount IR Gateway





IR Receiver





TV/AV Controller Module





Programming Cable Kit




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