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Cameo Tastenfeld mit Hintergrundbeleuchtung (68 mm Hohlwanddose)

Cameo Doppel-Tastenfeld zur Installation in UP-Dose. Mit LED-Rückmeldung, Lichtsensor und 2 Eingangskontakten. Mit Cresnet-Busanschluss. Im Lieferumfang enthalten: 2 Streifen mit je 2 Tasten, 2 Streifen mit je 3 Tasten, die nach Belieben in die rechte oder linke Reihe eingesetzt werden können. Optional sind Tastenstreifen mit 1 mittelgroßen und 4 kleinen Tasten erhältlich. Somit sind Tastenfelder in verschiedenen Konfigurationen von 4 bis 10 Tasten möglich.
C2NI-CB-A-T: mandelfarben
C2NI-CB-B-T: schwarz
C2NI-CB-W-T: weiß

Cameo LogoThe C2NI-CB is an international version of the Cameo® keypad, designed for installation in a single-gang UK or European style wall box. The textured finish achieves an attractive appearance for every application, available in a choice of almond, black, and white colors.

Customizable Buttons
Exquisitely simple yet highly customizable, a single Cameo keypad can be configured easily by the installer. Each keypad is furnished with an assortment of engravable button cap strips in two different sizes, allowing the choice of medium or large buttons in each of two columns. Their smoothly rounded shape and refined pushbutton action give each button press a positive feel with subtle surface relief for an excellent tactile response. Through programming, each button can be configured to support up to three separate functions simply by tapping, double-tapping, or holding the button. “Shift key” functionality is even possible, allowing one button to be held while pressing another.

Auto-dimming Backlight
High-quality backlit laser-engraving[1] provides customizable button text that's easy to read under any lighting condition. A built-in light sensor controls the backlight intensity automatically to achieve a crisp, legible appearance in both darkened and fully lit rooms.

Enhanced LED Feedback
Twelve pinhead-sized white LEDs afford fully customizable feedback. Ten different blink patterns are built in, enabling all kinds of blinking LED feedback while simplifying programming and minimizing traffic on the Cresnet® network. Built-in bar graph logic allows the feedback LEDs to function as two 6-segment bar graph displays to provide a visible level indication when adjusting lighting and audio settings. The overall LED intensity is auto-dimmable, adjusting automatically for optimal visibility under varying lighting conditions.

Ambient Light Sensor
In addition to controlling the backlight and LED intensity, the built-in light sensor can also be utilized by the control system to support daylight harvesting and other programmatic functions.

Contact Closure Inputs
Two sensing inputs are included on the rear of the keypad to provide a simple and convenient interface for low-voltage contact-closure devices such as occupancy sensors, door switches, and motion detectors.

Key Features


  • Stylish and versatile wall mount keypad
  • UK/European style electrical box installation
  • Available in textured almond, black or white
  • Architectural Series faceplate options available
  • Versatile combinations of pushbuttons
  • Installer-configurable with choice of button sizes
  • "Button Events" enable tap, double-tap, and hold functionality
  • Customizable backlit button engraving[1]
  • White LED feedback indicators
  • Built-in LED blinking and bargraph logic
  • Auto-dimmable backlight and LED intensity
  • Ambient light sensor
  • 2 contact closure inputs
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Cresnet® wired communications


  1. Custom engraving sold separately.

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  Keypad Buttons Configurable for an array of single-action pushbuttons
  Button Events Programmable for Normal, Tap, Double-Tap, and Hold
  Button Caps Includes (2) strips of (3) medium, and (2) strips of (2) large button caps. Each strip fills one column. All button caps are blank. Custom backlit engraved button caps are available separately.
  Backlight White LED backlight for button engraving, software-adjustable intensity, auto-dimmable
LED Indicators
  Feedback (12) White LEDs; Programmable, auto-dimmable, software-adjustable intensity, 10 blinking patterns
  Bargraph (2) 6-segment bargraph displays utilizing the 12 feedback LEDs
Light Sensor
  Photosensor for control of auto-dimming function;
Can be configured to report ambient light level to control system
  NET (1) 4-pin terminal block;
Cresnet® slave port, connects to Cresnet control network
  INPUT 1 – 2 (1) 3-pin terminal block;
Comprises (2) dry contact closure sensing inputs
Power Requirements
  Cresnet Power Usage 0.5 Watt (0.02 Amps @ 24 Volts DC)
  Temperature 32° to 113°F (0° to 45°C)
  Humidity 10% to 90% RH (non-condensing)
  Heat Dissipation 1.7 BTU/Hour
  Chassis Plastic
  Mounting Mounts in a 1-Gang UK (BS 4662) electrical box, 1-Gang European (DIN 49073) electrical box, or 2 x 2 inch (51 x 51 mm) cutout
  Faceplates Plastic faceplate included, Architectural Series Faceplates (C2NI/INETI-FP) available separately
  Height 3.42 in (87 mm) including bezel
  Width 3.42 in (87 mm) including bezel
  Depth 1.48 in (38 mm)
  5.21 oz (149 g)


Spec Sheet

Spec Sheet (PDF - 627 K)
Rev. Date: 10/7/2014

Installation and Operations Guide

Installation And Operations Guide (PDF - 1.38 M)
Doc. No. 6626C
Rev. Date: 9/4/2014

CADs, Drawings and Revit Files

Zoomable Drawing

Zoomable Drawing

Cad Files

Cad Files (ZIP - 155 K)
Note: CADs for C2NI-CB
Rev. Date: 7/30/2013

Available Models

Model Description      


Cameo® Keypad - International Version, Almond Textured



Cameo® Keypad - International Version, Black Textured



Cameo® Keypad - International Version, White Textured



Available Accessories

Model Description      


Set of (2) Large Backlit Engravable Button Caps for Cameo® International Keypad, Almond Textured



Set of (2) Large Backlit Engravable Button Caps for Cameo® International Keypad, Black Textured



Set of (2) Large Backlit Engravable Button Caps for Cameo® International Keypad, White Textured



Set of (3) Medium Backlit Engravable Button Caps for Cameo® International Keypad, Almond Textured



Set of (3) Medium Backlit Engravable Button Caps for Cameo® International Keypad, Black Textured



Set of (3) Medium Backlit Engravable Button Caps for Cameo® International Keypad, White Textured



Architectural Faceplate for Cameo® International Keypad, Black Textured w/Stainless Steel Inlay



Architectural Faceplate for Cameo® International Keypad, White Textured w/Stainless Steel Inlay



Cresnet® "High-Power" Control Cable, non-plenum, teal, 1000 ft spool



Cresnet® "High-Power" Control Cable, non-plenum, teal, 500 ft spool



Cresnet® Control Cable, non-plenum, black, 500 ft box



Cresnet® Control Cable, non-plenum, orange, 500 ft box



Cresnet® Control Cable, non-plenum, teal, 250 ft box



Cresnet® Control Cable, non-plenum, teal, 500 ft box



Cresnet® Control Cable, non-plenum, teal, 1000 ft spool



Cresnet® Control Cable, non-plenum, teal, 500 ft spool



Cresnet® Control Cable, non-plenum, yellow, 500 ft box



Cresnet® Control Cable, plenum, black, 500 ft spool



Cresnet® Control Cable, plenum, orange, 500 ft spool



Cresnet® Control Cable, plenum, teal, 1000 ft spool



Cresnet® Control Cable, plenum, teal, 500 ft spool



Cresnet® Control Cable, plenum, yellow, 500 ft spool



Crestron® Color Ring


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