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Systemnetzteil 75W

75 Watt / 24V Systemnetzteil mit 4 unabhängigen Ausgangsports in der Gehäusebauform CLXI (Dimmerserie) für Schraubbefestigung auf Montageplatte. Primärspannungsbereich von 100 –277 V.

The CLX-PWS75 is a 75 Watt Cresnet Power Supply Module designed to mount in a CAEN Automation Enclosure. A single CLX-PWS75 can be installed in any single-width enclosure, or up to two may be installed side-by-side in a double-width enclosure. Four (4) Cresnet power ports are provided on the CLX-PWS75, which may be used to supply power directly to Cresnet devices, or connect to the external power input ports of a PAC2 or PAC2M.

Key Features


  • 75 Watt Cresnet power supply module
  • Occupies a single module space in a CAEN automation enclosure
  • Provides supplemental power for systems with multiple keypads, touchpanels, and other Cresnet devices
  • Ideal for use with the PAC2 and PAC2M

Output Power
  Per Port 75 Watts (3.125 Amps @ 24 Volts DC, Regulated)
  Module Total 75 Watts (3.125 Amps @ 24 Volts DC, Regulated)
Power Requirements
  2.3 Amps, 100-250 Volts AC, 50/60 Hz
Connectors on Module
  Module Interconnect (2) 5-pin 0.156 inch headers;
Cresnet/Override interconnect ports;
Connect to PAC2, PAC2M, CAEN-BLOCK, or adjacent CLX-Series module using interconnect cable provided
  NET (4) 4-pin 5mm detachable terminal blocks;
Cresnet power output ports, paralleled
  INPUT POWER (1) Attached power cable, ~0.5 ft long, with inline IEC320 plug;
Connects to CLT-PWS75 terminal block using pigtailed cable provided
Connections via CLT Terminal Block (sold separately)
  LINE (2) DIN rail terminal blocks, black, line power input;
Wire Size: 10 to 14 AWG
  NEUT (2) DIN rail terminal blocks, white, neutral;
Wire Size: 10 to 14 AWG
  GND (1) DIN rail terminal block, green, ground;
Wire Size: 10 to 14 AWG
LED Indicator
  NET POWER (green) Indicates 24 Volts DC output at all NET ports; extinguished when fuse is blown
  Temperature 32° to 104°F (0° to 40°C)
  Humidity 10% to 90% RH (non-condensing)
  Gray metal surface mount module with (2) integral mounting flanges;
Occupies 1 module space in any CAEN enclosure (see manual)
  Height 7.55 in (19.18 cm)
  Width 6.92 in (17.58 cm)
  Depth 3.44 in (8.74 cm)


Spec Sheet

Spec Sheet (PDF)


Manual (PDF - 652 K)
Doc. No. 6348A
Rev. Date: 3/1/2007

CADs, Drawings and Revit Files

Zoomable Drawing

Zoomable Drawing

Cad Files

Cad Files (ZIP - 554 K)
Rev. Date: 12/28/2006

Revit Files

Revit (ZIP - 490 K)
Rev. Date: 9/2/2011

Available Models

Model Description      


Cresnet Power Supply Module, 75 Watts, for CAEN Automation Enclosures





Available Accessories

Model Description      


Automation Enclosure, 2 modules high x 1 module wide





Automation Enclosure, 4 modules high x 1 module wide





Automation Enclosure, 4 modules high x 2 modules wide





Automation Enclosure, 7 modules high x 1 module wide





Automation Enclosure, 7 modules high x 2 modules wide





Terminal Block




Invitation to Tender

CLX-PWS75 (TXT - 400 B)
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