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Systemnetzgerät 24V DC / 3,125 A / 75W für Montageplatte

Systemnetzgerät mit 4 unabhängigen Cresnet Anschlüssen. Gehäuse CLXI (Dimmerserie) für Schraubbefestigung auf Montageplatte. Besonders geeignet für Anschluss an Wanddockingstationen. Interconnect-Anschlüsse zur direkten Anbindung an PAC2/PAC2M. Die Anbindung an 4-pol-Cresnet erfolgt über CAEN-BLOCK.

The CLX-PWS75 is a 75 Watt Cresnet Power Supply Module designed to mount in a CAEN Automation Enclosure. A single CLX-PWS75 can be installed in any single-width enclosure, or up to two may be installed side-by-side in a double-width enclosure. Four (4) Cresnet power ports are provided on the CLX-PWS75, which may be used to supply power directly to Cresnet devices, or connect to the external power input ports of a PAC2 or PAC2M.

Key Features


  • 75 Watt Cresnet power supply module
  • Occupies a single module space in a CAEN automation enclosure
  • Provides supplemental power for systems with multiple keypads, touchpanels, and other Cresnet devices
  • Ideal for use with the PAC2 and PAC2M

Output Power
  Per Port 75 Watts (3.125 Amps @ 24 Volts DC, Regulated)
  Module Total 75 Watts (3.125 Amps @ 24 Volts DC, Regulated)
Power Requirements
  2.3 Amps, 100-250 Volts AC, 50/60 Hz
Connectors on Module
  Module Interconnect (2) 5-pin 0.156 inch headers;
Cresnet/Override interconnect ports;
Connect to PAC2, PAC2M, CAEN-BLOCK, or adjacent CLX-Series module using interconnect cable provided
  NET (4) 4-pin 5mm detachable terminal blocks;
Cresnet power output ports, paralleled
  INPUT POWER (1) Attached power cable, ~0.5 ft long, with inline IEC320 plug;
Connects to CLT-PWS75 terminal block using pigtailed cable provided
Connections via CLT Terminal Block (sold separately)
  LINE (2) DIN rail terminal blocks, black, line power input;
Wire Size: 10 to 14 AWG
  NEUT (2) DIN rail terminal blocks, white, neutral;
Wire Size: 10 to 14 AWG
  GND (1) DIN rail terminal block, green, ground;
Wire Size: 10 to 14 AWG
LED Indicator
  NET POWER (green) Indicates 24 Volts DC output at all NET ports; extinguished when fuse is blown
  Temperature 32° to 104°F (0° to 40°C)
  Humidity 10% to 90% RH (non-condensing)
  Gray metal surface mount module with (2) integral mounting flanges;
Occupies 1 module space in any CAEN enclosure (see manual)
  Height 7.55 in (19.18 cm)
  Width 6.92 in (17.58 cm)
  Depth 3.44 in (8.74 cm)


Spec Sheet

Spec Sheet (PDF)


Manual (PDF - 559 K)
Doc. No. 6348B
Rev. Date: 12/13/2011

Engineering Specs

Engineering Specs (PDF - 95 K)
Engineering Specs (.DOC - 45 K)
Rev. Date: 1/19/2012
Note: For Crestron CLX Lighting Control Systems CLX. Construction Specifications Institute documents for architects, engineers, specifiers and contractors.

CADs, Drawings and Revit Files

Zoomable Drawing

Zoomable Drawing

Cad Files

Cad Files (ZIP - 554 K)
Rev. Date: 12/28/2006

Revit Files

Revit (ZIP - 490 K)
Rev. Date: 9/2/2011

Available Models

Model Description      


Cresnet Power Supply Module, 75 Watts, for CAEN Automation Enclosures



Available Accessories

Model Description      


Automation Enclosure, 2 modules high x 1 module wide



Automation Enclosure, 4 modules high x 1 module wide



Automation Enclosure, 4 modules high x 2 modules wide



Automation Enclosure, 7 modules high x 1 module wide



Automation Enclosure, 7 modules high x 2 modules wide



Terminal Block


Invitation to Tender

CLX-PWS75 (TXT - 400 B)
Letzte Änderung 11.11.2012