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Überspannungsschutzmodul für den Crestron Systembus zur Vermeidung von Überspannung auf dem Systembus. Wir empfehlen bei der Anbindung von Outdoor- und Beleuchtungssystemen einen CSP-LSP vorzusehen.

The CSP-LSP is an accessory designed to protect a Crestron control system from lightning surges and other electrical disturbances brought through the Cresnet control line. Four-stage lightning suppression provides superior protection against damage to the control system caused by lightning strikes to remote Cresnet devices and wiring, especially outdoor equipment and underground cabling. It is also effective for protection against transients picked up by indoor networks in any facility that is particularly prone to near lightning strikes.

The CSP-LSP provides protection for a single control system and any portion of its Cresnet network. It may be located near the central equipment cabinet to protect only the control system and centralized devices, or it may be installed at the point of entry from an outdoor Cresnet cable to protect the entire indoor Cresnet network. For networks that span multiple buildings, a separate CSP-LSP can be installed in each building to protect all of the local devices within each building.

The CSP-LSP is designed for mounting to a wall or similar flat surface. Two protected CONTROL SYSTEM ports are provided, paralleled for easy daisy-chaining to a second CSP-LSP or other Cresnet equipment. Four paralleled DEVICE ports accommodate the connections from one or more remote Cresnet wire runs. Two #10 ground lugs provide for termination of the grounding cable. A 3 foot long braided grounding strap is included, complete with a copper saddle clamp for attachment to a suitable utility ground, cold water pipe, or grounding rod*. A bus bar is also included for daisy-chaining to a second CSP-LSP unit.

Key Features


  • Sophisticated four-stage lightning suppression
  • Protects control systems from surges and transients on the Cresnet network
  • Recommended for all outdoor Cresnet cable runs
  • Multiple Cresnet ports for easy termination
  • Includes grounding strap and clamp

  4-stage protection employing spark gaps, gas discharge tubes, current limiters, and transient voltage suppressors
  Clamping Voltage 33 Volts
  Clamping Time < 100 Picoseconds
  DEVICE (4) 4-pin 3.5mm detachable terminal blocks;
Cresnet ports, paralleled, for connection to Cresnet wiring and devices that are subject to lightning strikes
  Ground (2) 10-32 studs, chassis ground lugs*;
3 ft (0.92 m) flat braided grounding strap included;
Ground bus bar included for daisy-chaining to a second CSP-LSP unit
  CONTROL SYSTEM (2) 4-pin 5mm detachable terminal blocks;
Protected Cresnet ports, paralleled, for connection to control system and other protected Cresnet devices
  Temperature -40° to 194°F (-40° to 90°C)
  Humidity 10% to 90% RH (non-condensing)
  Zinc plated steel surface mount box with (2) integral mounting flanges
  Height 1.83 in (4.65 cm)
  Width 5.64 in (14.32 cm)
  Depth 3.40 in (8.64 cm)
  1.17 lb (0.53 kg)

* For maximum protection, terminate the CSP-LSP to a good earth ground (i.e. utility ground, cold water pipe, or grounding rod) using the grounding strap provided. The control system must also be grounded. It is also suggested that devices connected to the DEVICE ports be powered separately from those connected to the CONTROL SYSTEM ports. Consult the CSP-LSP and control system manuals for additional information.

CSP-LSP - Application 1
Models Included: C2N-HBLOCK, CAEN, CSP-LSP

Protecting control and automation systems in a single location

Application Diagram (PDF - 1.19 M)
Rev. Date: 3/24/2008

Application Diagram

CSP-LSP - Application 2
Models Included: CSP-LSP

Protecting control and automation systems in multiple locations (three buildings)

Application Diagram (PDF - 1.02 M)
Rev. Date: 3/24/2008

Application Diagram

CSP-LSP - Application 3
Models Included: C2N-HBLOCK, CSP-LSP

Example system with multiple interfaces

Application Diagram (PDF - 945 K)
Rev. Date: 3/24/2008

Application Diagram


Spec Sheet

Spec Sheet (PDF)

Installation and Operations Guide

Installation And Operations Guide (PDF - 1.0 M)
Doc. No. 6643A
Rev. Date: 2/1/2008

CADs, Drawings and Revit Files

Zoomable Drawing

Zoomable Drawing

Cad Files

Cad Files (ZIP - 999 K)
Rev. Date: 1/7/2008

Available Models

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Cresnet Lightning Strike Protector




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