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Adagio LCD Keypad

Adagio LCD Keypad, LCD Anzeige, Darstellung von Volume, Musiktitel usw., 6 Tasten und Drehknopf, CresnetBus Anschluss, Konfiguration über Adagio Front Display - ohne PC, frei programmierbar mit SimplWin (auch einsetzbar für Licht, Heizung, Klima …).

APAD-B: schwarz
APAD-W: weiß

The APAD wall mount LCD controller provides an elegant yet cost-effective room control solution for Crestron's Adagio® home entertainment systems, MPS multimedia presentation systems, or any control system application requiring a versatile, low-cost user interface.

Graphic Display
The alluring white-on-black LCD display presents the user with a large amount of information in a small space. With graphical support for scrolling text, icons, and bargraphs, the APAD delivers an ideal user interface for controlling audio and a range of other possible functions throughout the home or office. Four "softkey" buttons beneath the display permit intuitive menu navigation and function selection.

Nav Wheel
A spin of the APAD's nav wheel turns the music volume up or down, and enables scrolling through lists of available audio sources, radio channels, CD's and song titles. The built-in "key click" feature audibly enhances the nav wheel's natural tactile feel, and the "enter" button to the right quickly executes the desired selection set by the nav wheel. A dedicated "power" button is also included for fast, easy power on/off control.

Simplified connectivity using Crestron's 4-wire Cresnet control bus makes installation a breeze. Fully bidirectional communications enables true-feedback for display of audio sources, radio stations, CD titles, artists, and tracks by name, as well as the current status of audio, lighting, or climate control settings.

Windows® SideShow™ Enabled
New support for Windows® SideShow™ gives the APAD access to all kinds of PC and Web-based content such as news feeds, sports scores, stock tickers, weather alerts, media guides, email messages, and appointment notifications all through a simple network connection to a Windows Vista™ computer.

Plug-and-Play Functionality
The APAD affords easy plug-and-play functionality as part of a complete Adagio or MediaManager MPS system. Without requiring any programming, the APAD enables enhanced control of multi-room audio distribution and multimedia presentation. Of course the APAD is compatible with any Crestron 2-Series control system, allowing fully programmable functionality to support any custom application.

Versatile Mounting Options
Several mounting options are available for the APAD to facilitate a clean, attractive installation in any wall or similar flat surface.

Key Features


  • A stylish, affordable wall mount controller
  • Pleasing white-on-black LCD graphic display
  • 4 "softkeys", plus enter and power pushbuttons
  • Intuitive nav wheel with "key click" audible feedback
  • Cresnet communications | 2-Series compatible
  • Adagio and MPS plug-and-play functionality
  • Available in white or black

LCD Display
Display Type Transmissive LCD dot matrix
Size 2.72 in (6.9 cm) wide x 1.44 in (3.7 cm) high
Resolution 128 x 64 pixels
Color Monochrome, white on black, invertible
Illumination White LED backlit
Nav Wheel (1) Continuous turn rotary encoder; used to navigate menu, scroll through lists and adjust values; defaults to volume adjustment
Functions (4) “softkey” pushbuttons, programmable, normally used to select menu functions
Power (1) pushbutton, programmable, normally used to execute a power command
Enter (1) pushbutton, programmable, normally used to execute a selected command
Monochrome, white on black (invertible); supports dynamic text and icon graphics, scrolling text, scrolling lists, Windows® SideShow™ enabled
Built-in speaker (rear panel) for key click sound
NET (1) 4-pin 3.5mm detachable terminal block;
Cresnet slave port, connects to Cresnet control network
Power Requirements
Cresnet Power Usage 3 Watts (0.125 Amps @ 24 Volts DC)
Temperature 32° to 104° F (0° to 40°C)
Humidity 10% to 90% RH (non-condensing)
Construction Injection-molded plastic, flush mountable
Faceplate Injection-molded plastic, white or black
Height 4.80 in (12.20 cm)
Width 4.90 in (12.44 cm)
Depth 1.94 in (4.93 cm)
9.2 oz (258 g)

Adagio System with CEN-ISERVER

An Adagio system with CEN-ISERVER, CEN-IDOC, APAD and touchpanels.

Application Diagram (PDF - 2.95 M)
Rev. Date: 1/22/2009

Application Diagram

Models Included: ABAR-1, ABVR-1, AMS, APAD, CEN-IDOCV

CEN-IDOCV with AMS in 4 rooms plus a home theater using APAD interfaces.

Application Diagram (PDF - 3.78 M)
Rev. Date: 6/23/2009

Application Diagram

Crestron Mobile Pro® Typical Integration

Shows typical integration between Crestron Mobile Pro installed on an iPhone® and a Crestron system.

Application Diagram (PDF - 2.87 M)
Rev. Date: 7/12/2010

Application Diagram

MPS-100 with APAD
Models Included: APAD, MPS-100

MPS-100 Multimedia Presentation System with the APAD LCD wall mount room controller and the iLux lighting controller (complete system). Crestron 2-series processor, LCD room controller, and 6 zones of lighting control, including 277VAC fixtures.

Application Diagram (PDF - 125 K)
Application Diagram (ZIP - 332 K)
Rev. Date: 2/6/2007

Application Diagram

MPS-200 System
Models Included: APAD, CLS-C6M, MPS-200

This diagram contains multiple video and RGB inputs, and multiple audio inputs. Control is provided by a touchpanel, APAD, a CLS-C6M for lighting, shade, and motion detection. Connection to RoomView provides asset management. Three-channel audio output is demonstrated.

Application Diagram (PDF - 3.61 M)
Rev. Date: 6/26/2008

Application Diagram


Spec Sheet

Spec Sheet (PDF)

Reference Guide

Reference Guide (PDF - 727 K)
Doc. No. 6493
Rev. Date: 5/1/2006
Note: Out-of-the-box functionality guide for Adagio user interface devices.

Installation and Operations Guide

Installation And Operations Guide (PDF - 1.6 M)
Doc. No. 6455
Rev. Date: 4/1/2006

CADs, Drawings and Revit Files

Zoomable Drawing

Zoomable Drawing

Cad Files

Cad Files (ZIP - 137 K)
Rev. Date: 2/2/2006


System Requirements
You will need Adobe's Flash player to watch videos online. Downloaded videos can be watched in Windows Media Player or VLC media player. Those programs, along with programs to unzip the WMV files can be downloaded for free from our website tools page.

Lighting and Keypad Solutions

Check out the classic Cameo, now available with 8 buttons, the new Ascent™ metal faceplates and 230V international dimmers and switches.

Date Added: Sep 14, 2011
Run Time: 1:54

Available Models

Model Description


Wall Mount LCD Controller, Black





Wall Mount LCD Controller, White





Available Accessories

Model Description


Pre-Construction Wall Mount Back Box





Pre-Construction Wall Mount Kit





Mud Ring





Trim Ring





Post-Construction Wall Mount Kit w/Mud Ring





Post-Construction Wall Mount Kit w/Trim Ring





Replacement Wall Mount Clips





Cresnet® Control Cable, non-plenum, black, 500 ft box





Cresnet® Control Cable, non-plenum, orange, 500 ft box





Cresnet® Control Cable, non-plenum, teal, 250 ft box





Cresnet® Control Cable, non-plenum, teal, 500 ft box





Cresnet® Control Cable, non-plenum, teal, 1000 ft spool





Cresnet® Control Cable, non-plenum, teal, 500 ft spool





Cresnet® Control Cable, non-plenum, yellow, 500 ft box





Cresnet® Control Cable, plenum, black, 500 ft spool





Cresnet® Control Cable, plenum, orange, 500 ft spool





Cresnet® Control Cable, plenum, teal, 1000 ft spool





Cresnet® Control Cable, plenum, teal, 500 ft spool





Cresnet® Control Cable, plenum, yellow, 500 ft spool





Cresnet® "High-Power" Control Cable, non-plenum, teal, 1000 ft spool





Cresnet® "High-Power" Control Cable, non-plenum, teal, 500 ft spool




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